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“Volganin”- 100% natural product

Main principles of success

The history of OJSC “Volganin”, one of the leaders in Russian poultry farming, dates back to 1978 when the first stage of the poultry factory under construction was put into operation on the grounds of the Volga state farm near the village of Yermakovo, Rybinsk district. The largest agro-industrial complex was equipped with the most advanced Hungarian equipment at that time, with an estimated capacity of 130 million eggs per year and an average annual population of 520,000 laying hens. Time flies, and next year the company will have its 40th anniversary. Through all these years one thing has been remaining the same - consumers are the main value of the company. All company's strengths, experience and capabilities are every day directed to the creation of a useful, environmentally friendly and affordable product for healthy human nutrition. Company understands very clearly that the development of the Society is impossible without a harmonious combination of economic, environmental and social goals. That is why it contribute to the development of modern Russia, realizing the mission in relation to our Customers, Clients, Employees, Shareholders. Company is responsible to the society and the people for whom we work. Therefore, it invariably sets a high standard for itself, organizing the management and all the technological processes of production at the highest European level in accordance with world standards.

OJSC “Volganin” company is actively developing in several directions – it is the leader of the Russian Federation in terms of egg production for consumers with overall production output of 1,5 billion eggs per year. It also takes the leading position of the supplier in the deep egg processing market, working with both HoReCa segments and with the largest food producers. It actively considers export issues and works with its European partners.


High-technology processing of eggs

One of the priorities of OJSC “Volganin” is the production of natural egg products manufactured with observance of all parameters of the technological process and biosafety. Egg products are a processed egg in a dry or liquid form, passed several stages of processing and ready for use in the confectionery, fat, meat industry and public catering.


The production is equipped with facilities from leading foreign companies (France, Holland, Belgium, USA, Italy, Germany) and according to international experts is one of the best in Europe and Russia. Thanks to high-tech equipment, the workshop produces egg products with quality characteristics higher than those specified in the GOST. All the equipment of the workshop works in an automatic mode, the human factor here is minimized. All technological processes are monitored by control programs installed on several computers, each of which, in turn, is responsible for its own workshop section. All equipment has several protective systems from various unforeseen situations. The equipment is designed to process a whole egg, as well as separated products - yolk and protein. All units and components are designed for efficient and hygienic processing of the egg product. Flows of liquid products after breaking and separation are processed, filtered, cooled, pasteurized, and prepared for sale in a dry or liquid form. The production is based on a centering machine with a capacity of 43 thousand eggs per hour, from the Dutch company Conradts. The heart of the plant is the pasteurizer of the French company Aktini with a capacity of 3000 kg per hour for liquid melange. Drying installation from the American company FES with a capacity of 750 liters / hour in evaporated moisture, Dutch thermal chambers for dry pasteurization of the protein forming additional properties: whipping or gel strength. First of all, only company’s raw materials are used in production - eggs that are smuggled by chickens at a poultry farm, where they carefully monitor the diet of the bird and sanitary standards. Therefore, egg products – are absolutely natural, without impurities or preservatives. Company’s egg products are in demand, already outstripping supply. For food industry enterprises, the benefits from the economic and safety point of view, which are brought about by the use of dry and liquid egg products, are becoming increasingly evident. Therefore, domestic confectionery companies willingly switch to the protein produced by OJSC "Volganin", noting but a high quality and naturalness. Long-term contracts have also been concluded for the supply of yolks with the leading producers of sauces and mayonnaise in the territory of the Russian Federation and in the countries of the Customs Union. The first developments appeared in the framework of exporting products to the European Union and company is glad to see positive responses from its potential European colleagues.


Material and technical equipment

The beginning of the production cycle is the plant of the parent herd, which is completed with daily chickens of "Lohmann Brown" cross coming from Germany. The production capacity of the plant is 93 thousand poultry and allows to get 15 million pieces of hatching eggs per year. The company has its own hatchery, the capacity of which is 15 million eggs per year. The hatchery has a system for automating the management and control of the incubation process. In 2017, OJSC “Volganin” has received the status of a second-order reproducer for breeding parent pairs of the “Lohmann Brown Classic” cross. To date, the company is located on an area of more than 60 hectares, there are 36 industrial poultry houses located on 4 production sites with a total amount of 3 million 850 poultry houses and 16 poultry houses of young animals with a production capacity of 1.6 million poultry. On all poultry houses of the enterprise the equipment of the Italian company VALLI is installed. The total capacity of the hatchery is 15 million eggs per year. In late 2016, as part of the expansion program, the enterprise mastered a new direction for itself - the production of mixed fodders.

The feed mill is equipped with high-tech equipment from the Dutch firm Ottavanger, the plant's capacity is 40 tons of compound feed per hour. Accordingly, the bird eats feed of its own production, which includes all the necessary nutrients and vitamins, which make it possible to obtain a quality and healthy egg.

The brightness of the yolk color is achieved by feeding the bird with vitamin-herbal flour, own production, and corn. The egg sorting and packing shop is equipped with Dutch equipment from MOBA, whose production capacity is 420 thousand eggs per hour.

The shop for industrial processing of meat is equipped with equipment from the Dutch firm "Main", the capacity of the workshop is 2400 heads per hour.

 Control and certification of the products

The highest quality and safety of OJSC “Volganin” products are achieved due to a number of factors. The quality of the egg directly depends on what does the hen eat. Company purchases only the best raw materials, develop the most balanced recipes, strictly control the quality of ready-mixed feed. Impartial control of the production process occurs throughout the production chain: only the best egg is sent for incubation, only the best chickens become laying hens whose life activity is provided by fully automated poultry farming equipment. The egg is sorted automatically in an egg-sizing machine, which has no analogues in the whole country: an egg with a notch, a dirty shell is discarded, the rest of the egg is weighed into categories and packaged in a package for the final buyer. It is necessary to ensure quality control of the shipped products, laboratory control. Own laboratory and veterinary service ensure that the product is safe for the customer. In addition, the enterprise is constantly undergoing inspections of controlling state bodies according to the legislation.

Produced far from large industrial productions, highways, products of OJSC "Volganin" is environmentally friendly, safe and does not contain GMOs. Products subject to mandatory declaration of compliance have all supporting documents. The company's product safety management system is certified for compliance with the international FSSC 22000 scheme, which once again confirms the quality and safety of the products and allows to work with the world's largest trade brands. Audits are constantly conducted by the customers, which are successfully passed without significant comments. Production of the enterprise constantly takes prize-winning places in competitions on quality. So, practically the whole assortment line of OJSC "Volganin" has the title of laureate of the All-Russian competition "100 best goods of Russia" and many other competitions. "ECO Product" Certificate by DQS, one of the leading certification bodies for management systems worldwide

 Trade networks

OJSC "Volganin" poultry farm is represented in the overwhelming majority of federal networks, such as Lenta, Oka, Metro, Auchan, ATAK, SPAR, Crossroads, Carousel, Pyaterochka, Dixie, Seven, Globe, Bill, Victoria, and many others. In fact, company can safely say that it is the leader in the Russian market in terms of supplying its own brands for networks. With some federal networks, the practice of joint fruitful work has been for more than 14 years.

Separately, it should be noted the success of a relatively young direction - the promotion of wide portfolio of federal brands that can satisfy the tastes of the most demanding customers. Many of brands are rewarded with professional awards. Most of our products can be found in the Central and North-Western Federal District. Although the geography of supplies is not a limitation and the products are found in such remote cities as Murmansk, Arkhangelsk, Petrozavodsk, Syktyvkar and many others.

 Plans for future and development prospects

Considering that the program of import substitution in agriculture is positioned by the state as a matter of special importance, the enterprise is already developing the direction for processing chicken eggs and considers this direction to be a priority. OJSC “Volganin” produces high-quality pasteurized liquid and dry egg products. The company's achievement of ambitious plans to increase the volume of egg production by 1.5 times will give an opportunity to increase egg processing volumes by 3 times and will allow to approach the issue of import substitution in the food industry and quality of food. To meet the needs of customers with domestic products, the management of OJSC "Volganin" defined a development program that includes the following tasks:

 - increase in processing volumes to 36 million units. eggs per month;

- development of new types of egg products for sports nutrition, pharmaceuticals, HoReCa system, catering.


Impeccable product quality, competent management, thoughtful marketing communications and consumer confidence allow the company to develop even under difficult economic conditions. Let’s wish OJSC “Volganin” a good luck in achieving their goals, and thank for their great job done.



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